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Fire Glass

Tufwell provides a comprehensive range of fire rated glass. Fire glass is a tempered or toughened glass that is available in various shapes and sizes. Fire glass does not burn, but is specially treated so that it will be able to withstand high temperatures and prolonged exposure to heat. Fire resistant glass may be used within a new building project as a barrier for the fire separation or compartmentation as part of an integrated fire safety strategy.


Tufwell Brand

PYRO/TUF: 6mm 30 minutes integrity only Fire Resistant Glass
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Other Products

Protection levels: 30 minutes integrity only up to 120 minutes insulation and integrity
Shapes: Limited. Subject to application
Thicknesses: Varying with protection level
British standards: BS EN 12150
Minimum sizes: Subject to application
Maximum sizes: Subject to application
Tolerances: +0 to -2 mm
Applications: wood, steel and special forms of aluminium sections, glazed walls, screens, windows and doors