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Mirror Glass

Mirror glass products can make a stunning centre piece to almost any studio or gym, mirrored walls are also a good way of increasing the visual size of rooms such as bathrooms.

Tufwell Glass carries full size jumbo stock sheets of mirror glass as standard and can provide mirror glass to almost any size and shape, with handling and site access being the only limiting factor. Mirror glass can be supplied with polished edges or ‘clean cut’ and can be drilled for screw fixing or bonded in place using mirror glass adhesive.

Tufwell’s mirror glass stock uses only the highest quality silver and is available with a security film to ensure all building regulations for health and safety are met.


Tints: Silver
Shapes: Any
Thicknesses: 6 mm
British standards: BS EN 1036-Part 2
Minimum sizes: None
Maximum sizes: Subject to application and handling
Tolerances: +0 to -2 mm

Mirror Glass - Tufwell Glass

Mirror Glass - Tufwell Glass