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Meet the new kids on Tufwell’s glass manufacturing block

Thursday 23rd June, 2022

As the glass manufacturing industry continues to grow, contributing around £1.3 billion to the UK economy each year, Tufwell Glass has recently invested in its own future by acquiring two new glass processing machines. These two titans of glass technology will enhance our offer to customers by accelerating our glass partition production.

Smart and fast

Our new BSolution speed arris machine will facilitate high-productivity rough grinding of rectangular and shaped glass in continuous cycle by a two spindles follow-system. This technologically advanced machine offers automatic glass size thickness detection, quick tool change and an innovative wheel cooling system, all of which will improve our already impressive turnaround on glass panels.

Sparkling clean

Our new vertical glass washer will ensure clean, high-quality glass across our glass product range. The washer is designed to remove impurities from the glass sheet to prepare the flat glass for the remaining steps in the glass manufacturing process, including tempering or lamination.

Together these two machines will accelerate our glass production process, providing our customers with an improved service. Whether you need custom made glass partitions for your commercial reception or glazed partitioning to make better use of your office space, put our new machines to the test.

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