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Keep your cool in the heat with energy efficient glass

Friday 29th July, 2022

There has been one topic on everyone’s lips this month, the weather. UK temperatures have soared to unprecedented levels and advice on how to handle the heatwave abounded. One of the most cited tips was to draw curtains during the day to block out the sunlight. But what if your glass windows and doors could keep your home or office cool, even during a heatwave? 

Advances in glass technology mean that today’s glass can work with extreme weather conditions to make your property comfortable and energy efficient.

Smart glass

Active smart glass technology allows for the control of light, including ultra violet light, with electricity. When electrical charge is applied to the smart glass, its appearance changes from transparent to translucent. This allows building occupiers to have functional control of light transmission, adjusting it according to changes in sunlight throughout the day and across seasons. This can lead to a reduction in energy consumption and corresponding energy cost savings.

Smart glass technology can be integrated into windows, glass partitions and other transparent surfaces required across sectors, including architecture, interior design, and commerce.

Tinted glass

Tinted glass is float glass that has been treated, typically with metal oxide, to change the glass composition. The resultant tint alters the transmission of solar energy and reduces the emission of heat into an interior space. As with smart glass, tinted glass can reduce sun glare and help regular a building’s temperature, creating a more energy (and cost) efficient building.

With tinted glass the colour is modified, with the glass appearing darker to varying degrees and as specified by the customer. For this reason, tinted glass operates as a type of privacy glass, as does smart glass, obscuring the interior of your property from outside eyes, or to delineate interior spaces with tinted glass partitions.

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