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What are the benefits of glass partitions in an office?

Wednesday 2nd March, 2016


Anyone who has worked in a large office knows there’s nothing worse than spending all day in a dark and dingy space with no natural light. But short of moving your entire workforce into the car park, what can you do to improve their working environment?

Glass partitions could be the simple, affordable and very effective solution.

Let the light flow with glazed partitioning

Several studies have shown a proven link between exposure to natural light and workplace productivity. People sleep better, think better and enjoy better mental and physical health when they spend more of their day in daylight. This study at the Northwestern University in Illinois, USA, demonstrated just how important this could be to the health of a workforce.

But how can you get more natural light into your office, while still retaining areas of privacy when needed?

The simple answer is to install glass office partitioning. Glass partitions allow natural light to flow through your office and create a feeling of openness and space, but still enable you to have individual meeting rooms or separate smaller offices.

Install glass partitions to save money

glazed_partitionsGlass partitions are a very cost-effective way to remodel your office. Not only will they reduce energy costs by cutting the amount of electric lighting needed, but they are also a way of future proofing your premises.

Glazed partitioning is quick and economical to install but, equally, can be easily rearranged to accommodate any changes in office layout with minimal structural modifications.

Produced in toughened glass, your glass partitions will be durable and will stay looking good for years. They don’t fade or tarnish and require very little maintenance – unlike solid walls or partitions which can need repainting and repairing on a fairly frequent basis.

Use glazed partitioning to create privacy

All offices require some degree of partitioning – whether it be to avoid interrupting co-workers with meetings, to create individual smaller offices, or to group colleagues into smaller teams. Glass partitions can create any degree of privacy you require.

If sound reduction isn’t essential, single glazed partitioning will be sufficient. Or if confidentiality is necessary, double glazed partitioning is soundproof up to 45dB.

Glass partitions can also be frosted, tinted, or coloured to increase privacy, while also adding to the aesthetic appeal of the installation.

Tufwell Glass can also supply a range of specialist, or ‘smart’ glass, which changes from transparent to opaque at the flick of a switch.

Alternatively, blinds can be custom made for glass partitions.

Glass partitions create a sleek and modern look

For a company that wants to present a contemporary, slick and professional identity, glass office partitioning is unrivalled. Beautiful glazed partitioning can increase the feeling of openness and honesty in an office, which appeals to colleagues and clients in equal measure.

If you are thinking of installing glass partitions, Tufwell Glass are the industry specialists. Get in touch today to discuss your needs and find out more about how our experts can help you.

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