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Toughened glass cut to size for table tops

Wednesday 27th July, 2016


Glass furniture makes for a beautiful addition to the home. Whether in the dining room, bedroom, garden or elsewhere, glass furniture looks sleek, contemporary and stylish.

Unfortunately, accidents can and do happen and glass furniture, by its nature, can sometimes be smashed or scratched.

But in the case of a glass table top, there’s no need to throw away the whole piece of furniture – why not simply get a new piece of toughened glass cut to size?

Ordering toughened glass cut to size

Once it has gone through the tempering process, toughened glass can no longer be cut, drilled or shaped in any way.

The rapid cooling that creates centre tension within the tempered glass, while making it up to five times stronger than standard annealed glass, also results in a sheet of glass that will crumble in its entirety into small pebbles if broken.

While this makes it far safer – as the risk of razor sharp shards of broken glass is eliminated – it also means that the dimensions required for the finished piece must be completely accurate before the tempered glass is produced.

You’ll also need to know the thickness you require for your toughened glass.

As a general guide, for toughened glass that is purely to sit as protection on top of a table, 4mm will be thick enough, provided the original table surface is solid and level. For surfaces that are more uneven, it is better to go with a thickness of 6mm.

toughened_glass_cut_to_sizeA thickness of 6mm is also usually suitable for toughened glass cut to size for garden furniture, such as rattan or wooden tables.

When it comes to glass that will act as a stand-alone table top, you would generally be looking at a thicker piece of toughened glass – between 8mm and 15mm, depending on the size of the table. The larger the table, the thicker the piece of toughened glass will need to be. The most popular thickness is 10mm for stand-alone table tops.

What shapes are available for toughened glass cut to size for table tops?

Ordering your toughened glass from a leading glass supplier such as Tufwell Glass means there is no limit to the shapes available. Tufwell’s Computer Numerically Controlled shaping service can cut glass to just about any conceivable shape, in glass thicknesses up to 19mm.

As with all toughened glass products, the glass would have to be cut and shaped before undergoing the tempering process.

At Tufwell Glass, we use the most advanced technology to produce our glass products, and can offer unrivalled customer service and a competitive quote. If you require toughened glass cut to size for a table top, or for any other application, get in touch with Tufwell. 

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