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Choosing a glass door

Monday 19th December, 2016

There are so many options when it comes to choosing a glass door, so how do you choose a style to go for, and what type of glass do you need for it?

The first thing to consider is the position and purpose of the glass door. Think about factors like whether you want the door to create privacy, whether you want it to allow more light into a room, whether it needs to provide fire protection and whether it needs to add security.

Once you’re clear on the function of your new glass door, you can then make decisions about the aesthetics of it.

Safety considerations for glass doors

Safety should always be the first and foremost concern in any installation. When you’re installing glass doors, Building Regulations will dictate the type of glass you need to use.

Any pane of glass that sits wholly or partly below 800mm from floor level must be a safety glass. But when it comes to glass used in doors, this threshold rises to 1500mm. So unless your glass door is only going to be glazed at the very top, it will have to be made with either toughened or laminated glass.

Toughened glass is generally the preferred option for safety glass in internal doors, as it is less expensive than laminated glass. However, for external glass doors, laminated glass will often be specified. This offers greater security, as unlike toughened glass, which will shatter in its entirety when broken, laminated glass will remain in its frame, making entry much more of a challenge for a burglar!

If you are installing a fire door, there are yet further Building Regulations that need to be met for the type of glass used. Standard toughened or laminated glass won’t offer the necessary fire protection to be used in a fire door, but the regulations as to using safety glass below 1500mm still apply.

So, you are then left with the choice of either using a smaller pane of fire glass above the 1500mm threshold or, if you want a larger pane of glass, it will be necessary to use a specialist type of fire glass, such as ceramic fire glass or intumescent fire glass. These products have been tested to offer both impact protection and fire resistance, but will command a higher premium than either standard fire glass or safety glass alone.

Aesthetic considerations for glass doors

There are so many style options when it comes to glass doors – there really is something to suit every taste. For an ultra-contemporary, sleek look, you might consider a frameless glass door.

For a more traditional style, choose a glass door with a solid and chunky wooden frame. Or for industrial, urban chic, aluminium or steel framed glass doors can create real impact.

You can choose to add interest or create privacy by opting for a frosted or painted glass door.

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