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Tufwell Glass partners with AGC to supply Pyrobel fire glass

Thursday 16th March, 2017


It’s been an exciting few weeks here at the Tufwell factory. After signing a new contract with AGC Glass Europe to supply Pyrobel fire-resistant glass, as announced in the blog last month, it’s been all systems go as we work to install our new Putsch Meniconi vertical cutting machine.

The new state-of-the-art equipment allows us to cut thicker sheets of glass automatically; a valuable capability for handling high quality fire glass like Pyrobel.

We are pleased to say the machine is now in situ, and Tufwell is stocking the most in-demand ranges of Pyrobel and Pyrobelite fire glass, which can be cut to size as required by our customers.

AGC offers a complete range of fire-resistant glasses, tested and approved to European and national norms, providing a unique combination of light, transparency and fire protection for all building applications, framing types, fire resistance ratings and durations.

This is why the Pyrobel range tallies so well with the Tufwell model of the great quality, the best service, and fast lead times for our customers.

How does Pyrobel fire glass work?

Pyrobel is a laminated glass which includes a clear intumescent interlayer. In the event of a fire, this interlayer reacts to expand, transforming itself into a rigid, opaque and heat-absorbing fire shield.

Pyrobel is rated for both integrity and insulation, preventing the spread of flames and the transfer of heat radiation. Pyrobelite is rated for integrity, with limited insulation.

Pyrobel has bi-directional fire resistance and offers excellent acoustic insulation as well.

Where can Pyrobel be used?

Pyrobel is approved for use in wooden, steel and aluminium framing systems, and is available as single internal glazing, single external glazing with a UV filter, and as a double glazing unit.

Thanks to the Pyrobel Vision Line system, the fire glass can also be used for frameless glass partitions, offering a stylish solution to the safety and aesthetic demands of modern architecture and design.

Get in touch with Tufwell’s glass specialists for expert advice and to talk through which of the Pyrobel products will be optimal for your next project.

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