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The Tufwell guide to accurately measuring up to order glass cut to size

Tuesday 18th April, 2017

Ordering glass cut to size can be a daunting task for those who might not be skilled DIYers or professional tradesmen.

Laminated and toughened glass are not cheap products, so the last thing you want to do is end up paying for a piece of glass that you can’t use because you’ve provided the wrong measurements.

Measurements for toughened glass in particular have to be accurate, as once glass has gone through the tempering process, any further cutting will cause it to shatter. Laminated glass is more workable, although, of course, if your measurements turn out to be too small, we can’t adjust the glass to be bigger!

For more complicated or irregular shapes, it can be necessary to provide full CAD drawings to glass suppliers to ensure an accurate result.

Tufwell Glass offers a computer numerically controlled shaping service for shaped glass products, which requires the accuracy that can only be gained through CAD.

But for simpler shapes, ordering glass cut to size can be a reasonably straight-forward process.

What you need to know about ordering glass cut to size

The most common mistake people make when ordering glass cut to size is supplying measurements that are too big.

In the case of laminated glass, this can usually be rectified, but, as previously mentioned, once glass has been toughened, it can no longer be cut.

When you’re ordering replacement glass for something like a glass panel in a door, we require two separate measurements: the visible size and the glass size.

The visible size is the area of glass that is visible within the frame, beading or putty that holds it. The glass size is the full size of the pane required.

Customers frequently make the mistake of measuring the full dimensions of a frame and assuming this is the glass size, but this can often cause problems as the glass supplied will be too tight a fit.

The correct glass size is calculated by measuring the full frame size, then subtracting 5mm from both the width and length, as shown below:


And most importantly, whenever you’re measuring up for glass cut to size, remember the old adage: measure twice, cut once!

For further advice on ordering glass cut to size, or to find out more about our CNC shaping service, get in touch with Tufwell today.

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