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Would glass partitions benefit my workspace?

Thursday 4th May, 2017


There aren’t many office workers who don’t love the look and feel of an open-plan workspace. There’s more light, more of a buzz and often a more friendly atmosphere when you all share the same space.

However, while many workers will benefit from the improved communication and increased collaboration an open layout brings, some can find it harder to concentrate, and frequently businesses have found that a completely open layout can actually impact negatively on production.

But rather than returning to the days of closed-off rooms and isolated personnel, there is a much better solution. Installing glass partitions can provide an office the best of both worlds – the sense of an open and airy workspace, but the option of flexible privacy and peaceful zones.

What does the office of the future look like?

Increasingly, businesses are moving towards the hybrid office layout. This includes areas of an open-plan arrangement and communal areas, combined with a number of private offices, cubicle banks and sound-proof rooms where employees can escape for some rejuvenating quiet time.

Glass partitions offer a stylish, practical and flexible way to achieve this, without impacting negatively on natural light levels and the benefits gained from an open-plan layout.

A glazed partitioning system can quickly and easily transform an office, with minimum intrusion. And should your business’s layout requirements change in future, most glass partitions can be moved and reinstalled elsewhere.

Soundproof glass partitions can be used for individual offices where privacy is a priority, and there are several options for increasing visual privacy where needed.

Blinds can be fitted to glass partitions, or decorative effects such as frosted or painted glass can be used to add company colours or obscure the line of sight.

Leading glass suppliers like Tufwell can also supply partitions in LCD glass; a specialist laminated glass which includes an electrically-controlled LCD film. The film is opaque when switched off and flicks to clear when on.

With advances in glass technology, glass partitions can even be used as part of an integrated fire safety strategy.

Tufwell now stocks Pyrobel, the leading range of intumescent laminated glass. Pyrobel Vision Line is a glass partitioning system that consists of multiple Pyrobel fire-rated glass panels, separated by 4 to 5mm of fire-resistant silicone joint.

This range of fire-resistant glazed partitioning has been tested for 30 and 60 minutes’ integrity and insulation in steel, aluminium and wooden frames.

Find out how Tufwell could transform your office

There are now a multitude of options available in glass partitioning to suit almost every kind of office.

Tufwell Glass specialise in the manufacture and supply of glass partitions. Give us a call today to find out how we could transform your workspace.

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