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Toughened glass cut to size for stairs

Tuesday 21st November, 2017

Toughened glass is an easy, cost-effective way to update or modernise a staircase.   Strong, stylish, versatile and practical, choosing toughened glass for dark stairs, landings and hallways maximises light flow and helps create a feeling of spaciousness in areas which are otherwise gloomy. 

Toughened glass can be incorporated into a wide range of designs, including glass spindles and plain or curved, framed and frameless glass balustrades.  Decorative, fully frosted or clear, toughened glass can be cut to size to complement wooden or steel handrails or other architectural features, creating a seamless, coherent design throughout your project.  The only limit is your imagination!  

Why choose Tufwell’s toughened glass for your stairs?

As well as being visually appealing, toughened glass is up to five times stronger than standard annealed glass.  It can withstand surface compression of more than 10,000psi and is more thermally stable, which means it can withstand sudden temperature changes which could otherwise cause the glass to shatter.  And in the unlikely event that it does shatter, it breaks into small and relatively harmless pieces, making it the perfect choice for staircases.

Tufwell Glass also offers a heat soaking process for toughened glass.  Although extremely strong, toughened glass can spontaneously shatter due to a number of reasons, including microscopic defects, often particles of nickel sulphide within the glass, which are invisible to the naked eye.

The heat-soaking process heats panes of toughened glass to 290 degrees over several hours.  This accelerates the expansion of any particles of nickel sulphide which, depending on where they are in the glass, will cause the pane to shatter.

This destructive process aims to eliminate any contaminated panes before they make it onto site. 

Tufwell Glass has its own heat soak facility and can advise when and where this optional process should be considered.

We also offer an in-house CAD service to help you plan your glass design, and can we can cut toughened glass to any size or shape you require using our CNC technology.  Our toughened glass can also be pre-drilled, as required.

Tufwell Glass is leading a UK glass supplier.  We pride ourselves in offering the highest quality products, with trusted service and short lead-times. 

If you would like to find out more, contact our expert team today on 01293 533 533.

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