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From the cathedral to kitchen – splash colour into your life with painted glass

Thursday 11th October, 2018

When people think of painted glass they usually picture grand stained-glass windows in churches or cathedrals. The use of stained glass has been around for centuries and was traditionally used to enhance buildings of architectural significance. More recently coloured glass – or painted glass – has become increasingly accessible, affordable and popular in all types of buildings.  

Painted glass is a more modern form of stained glass where the back of the glass is painted so that you can see the colour from the front. Today painted glass can be found in both commercial and residential properties in a variety of applications, bringing style and colour to the workplace or home.


One of the main uses of painted glass is to enhance design. Glass products create a sense of modernity within any interior space or building. Painted glass panels can be installed with little mess or disruption in an office to break up large walls or to fill other vacant spaces. Painted glass can also be used for office noticeboards and glass shelves.


Painted glass is durable and both heat and humidity-resistant, making it ideal for use in the kitchen and bathroom. Glass splashbacks are a prominent application of painted glass. Painted glass splashbacks combine the practical features of resilience and minimum maintenance with elegance, transforming these more functional rooms with colour and light. Painted glass can also enhance other spaces in the home or office, for example, through painted glass wardrobe doors or painted glass tables. 


Painted glass is hygienic and easy to clean and therefore favoured in healthcare and catering settings. In fact, painted glass can be used anywhere where a contemporary and practical solution is required to enhance the functionality and design of an interior space. Painted glass is a multi-purpose glass product with limitless design opportunities.

Tufwell Glass provides painted glass in 6mm toughened glass with polished edges and cut-outs and holes and CNC shaping as required. We use low-iron painted glass to give true representation of the paint colour. Whether your project is commercial or residential, bring some colour and style to it with Tufwell’s painted glass products.  

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