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'Tis the season for bespoke glass furniture

Tuesday 18th December, 2018

Christmas is a time of giving; so, this festive season, why not treat your workplace or home to stunning bespoke glass furniture from Tufwell Glass?

Made-to-measure contemporary glass furniture can add a touch of class and style to your home or office.

Whether it’s elegant glass shelving or a magnificent glass table, these individual pieces can be customised to your specifications in finish, size, colour and style.


The creation of glass furniture brings together a range of specialised glass manufacturing styles, and at Tufwell Glass we work with the client to ensure that the right process is used at every step of the way. Tufwell has a wide range of glass products all stored in ‘jumbo’ sizes; in fact, our glass racks hold up to 210 tonnes of glass. Choosing the right glass product is a critical aspect of any project, and our experts are on hand to advise on which type of glass best suits the design and purpose.


Once selected, the glass product is cut-to-size using our state-of-the-art machines. We offer a full Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) shaping service, using the latest in CNC technology to cut almost any conceivable shape. This process is ideal for use with bespoke glass designs and is quick and efficient, allowing us to keep order turnaround time to a minimum. Once the shape is cut, the glass is toughened, or tempered as the process is also known. By heating then rapidly cooling standard annealed glass, the physical properties of the glass are altered to create a product that is up to five times stronger than ordinary glass and more durable. Given that glass furniture must be as functional as it is stylish, this is an essential quality of the product.


Whatever finish the client requires is then processed to the highest standards by our experienced and skilled staff, resulting in a glass product guaranteed to impress in the home or workplace.

So, get in touch with Tufwell Glass today on 01293 533 533 or at sales@tufwell.co.uk and treat yourself to a unique and lasting piece of glass furniture this Christmas.

We wish all our customers – past, present and future – a very Merry Christmas and a joyous New Year!

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