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Be inspired this winter by bespoke glass in the workplace

Thursday 31st January, 2019

It’s the time of year when the winter blues strike. The New Year buzz is over, spring is weeks away, and the weather is cold and grey. The first Monday in February is when more workers take an unofficial holiday than any other time in the year, so why not inspire your workers by transforming your office space with bespoke glass from Tufwell Glass.

Glass doors

First impressions count. From the moment that your employees and clients arrive at your office door you want them to be impressed and to feel confident in your business. Glass doors create a sense of modernity whilst also being practical – glass doors are made from toughened glass and can incorporate fire-glass as required. The main advantage of a glass door is in letting in the maximum amount of natural light possible. Natural light can make a space feel more welcoming and inviting which can have a positive effect on both employees and visitors. Glass doors can be customised to reflect your brand: painted glass – is accessible and affordable and can add a real sense of individuality to your business and workplace.

Glass partitions

If you’re looking to maximise space in a cost-effective way, then glass partitions may be the right glass product for you. Glass partitions are a quick and easy way to reconfigure your commercial space. Whether you wish to maximise or reduce available space, glazed partitioning can achieve this without the need for costly structural changes. The benefits to your employees of glass partitions in the workplace is improved teamwork – open plan offices can improve communication; and greater staff wellbeing - glazed partitioning maximises a space’s natural light. If a lack of daylight is a contributing factor to the winter blues, it’s no surprise that getting more light into the workspace can go some way to remedying this.

Glass furniture

Glass furniture in the workplace creates a stylish, contemporary feel which can foster a sense of confidence in your business and boost staff morale. Tufwell Glass can create bespoke glass furniture using its state-of-the-art Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) shaping service, which enables glass to be cut to any shape and size. Glass workstations with a left or right-hand curved return can be ergonomically shaped to facilitate meeting at the desk and provide additional work top space. Circular glass conference tables can breakdown hierarchies between teams – with no head of the table everyone can feel equally valued. Glass shelving and storage can also complement a modern workspace, helping to create that positive first impression that really counts in business.

Make your office a place that employees want to go to work and that will leave your clients impressed. Contact Tufwell Glass today on 01293 533 533 or at sales@tufwell.co.uk

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