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Get smart. The rise of smart glass in the workplace

Wednesday 28th August, 2019

The future is bright for smart glass. This month an industry report revealed that the global smart glass market size is expected to reach almost $10 billion by 2025. The predicted growth is attributable to a rise in product demand driven by aesthetics, particularly in commercial buildings. In fact, architects are increasingly using smart glass in new buildings. So how can smart glass improve your commercial space?

Natural light

Like all glass products, smart glass allows more natural light into the building. Be it through glass building facades, skylights, glass doors or windows. Natural light is important in the workplace, bringing with it a proven range of health benefits and creating a healthier, more productive workspace.

But with natural light comes glare and heat. This is where smart glass can give your workspace the edge. Smart glass, or liquid crystal glass (LCD), is glass that allows you to switch between transparency and translucency at the flick of a switch, thereby allowing you to control the level of sunlight and heat that enters the interior of your office. This process can be manual – controlled by the office occupant - or automatic; some smart glass can automatically respond to light levels. Now that’s smart!


As well as light regulation, the switchable glass provides an elegant solution to privacy control. Hospitality suppliers use smart glass for privacy screens between areas such as the bedroom and bathroom and for internal doors. This feature has functionality within a medical setting, where practitioners can offer privacy on demand at the flick of a switch to suit the needs of the moment. Smart glass is also easier to clean and more hygienic than traditional blinds or screens. Smart glass is useful for glass partitioning in large office areas, conference rooms, bars and restaurants; essentially wherever style, flexibility and privacy are required.

Energy efficiency

A direct business benefit of being able to precisely control the amount of light, glare and heat passing into your workspace is the energy saving benefits that this offers. Smart glass windows can consistently and significantly reduce energy consumption, reducing cooling costs by managing glare in summer and heating costs by increasing natural light in winter. Smart glass windows also ensure that your business is more environmentally compliant and better equipped to meet future changes in green building requirements.

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