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Make an impression with bespoke glass furniture

Tuesday 27th October, 2020

October is the month of The Big Draw, the world’s biggest drawing festival. Here at Tufwell Glass we love getting creative, and if you think that glass manufacturing affords little scope for this then think again. Take, for example, glass furniture.

Glass has always been a practical and adaptable material, but today’s advances in glass technology have stretched the versatility of glass to its limits, allowing for ever more innovative applications. The creation of glass furniture brings together a range of these specialised glass manufacturing techniques to produce undeniably contemporary and stylish glass furniture products.

The vision

Our starting point is always the creative vision, be it for an imposing glass table for a corporate board room, sleek glass cabinet to showcase commercial products, or a curved glass coffee table as a home lounge feature. At Tufwell Glass we work with the client to fully understand their concept before applying our knowledge and expertise to identify the right glass product for the job. We stock a wide range of glass products – our glass racks hold up to 210 tonnes of glass – and we carefully select the type of glass that best suits the design and purpose.

The process

Next, we use computer numerical control (CNC) technology to cut the glass to size. CNC machining is a glass manufacturing process in which pre-programmed computer software governs the movement of the glass-cutting tools. CNC software is programmed to convert design requirements into numbers which then determine the position of the glass cutter. The process all but eradicates human error, thereby minimising the possibility of costly mistakes, and results in glass cut to any size or shape with precision and to the highest quality.

Once the shape is cut, the glass is toughened, or tempered, to create a glass product that is up to five times stronger than ordinary glass. Glass furniture must be as functional as it is stylish and so this is an essential aspect of the process.

The result

The glass is then finished according to the client’s specification and there you have it, a bespoke piece of contemporary glass furniture to add a touch of individuality and style to any home or workplace.

So, grab that sketchpad and call Tufwell Glass on 01293 533 533 or at sales@tufwell.co.uk

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